Buzzbike tracks damage and builds trust with Captur

Buzzbike's collaboration with Captur led to efficient tracking of bike conditions and a fourfold increase in settled damage claims, boosting customer trust and satisfaction.

Two people on bicycles
increase in damage claims settled
London, United Kingdom

Buzzbike, a London-based provider of monthly bike subscriptions, experienced rapid growth in their customer base. However, this growth brought along two significant challenges:

  1. Tracking Vehicle Condition: They struggled to efficiently track the condition of their bikes before and after each rental, leading to disputes over damage claims.
  2. Damage Claim Resolution: Identifying responsibility for repair costs in the case of damages became a cumbersome process, often taking longer than their 7-day agreement with customers allowed. This resulted in unresolved claims and customer disputes.

The interaction between bike drivers, mechanics, and customer support teams created a communication bottleneck, making it difficult to accurately and quickly process damage claims.

One source of truth

Captur partnered with Buzzbike to address these challenges and streamline their damage claim process. The aim was to provide Buzzbike with a comprehensive visual history of each bike, stored in a central database, thus reducing the need for back-and-forth communications and building trust with customers through transparent evidence.

Steps Taken:

  1. Photo Evidence: The Buzzbike team started recording photo evidence of each bike's condition upon delivery and collection. They did this effortlessly using Captur's mobile user-friendly web app.
  2. Visual History: In the event of damage, the support team could easily confirm whether it was new or pre-existing by checking the vehicle's visual history within the Captur dashboard.
  3. Automated Ticketing: When damage was identified as new and the customer was to be charged for repairs, Captur automatically generated a ticket in Freshdesk to manage the claim efficiently.

The whole team is seeing the same information, and there’s massive comfort in knowing that information isn’t being lost.

Increased customer and employee satisfaction

The implementation of Captur's solution yielded significant benefits for Buzzbike:

  • Improved Efficiency: The company saved a substantial number of work hours each week, thanks to streamlined communication and automated processes.
  • Increased Claims Settled: Buzzbike saw a remarkable 4x increase in the percentage of damage claims settled, effectively reducing financial losses due to unresolved claims.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Buzzbike's commitment to transparency and quicker damage claim resolution resulted in an excellent customer satisfaction score and an impressive 4.8 rating on Trustpilot.

Captur's solution not only resolved Buzzbike's pressing challenges but also enhanced their operational efficiency and customer satisfaction, reinforcing their position as a reliable bike subscription service in the London market.