Your operations, captured in real-time

Captur helps scale your team and assets efficiently, by making recording tasks and reporting issues as simple as taking a photo

How does Captur help your business?


Task verification and
fleet management

Captur works with companies managing fleets of on-demand or rented assets. First, we help teams gather data faster. Then, we automatically triage tasks and automate workflows. Finally, learn to spot issues and provide instant feedback with visual AI.


time saved per week


faster to action tasks


operational cost savingss

Kate barnes

head of safety & Policy

"Captur is an amazing tool because it not only makes reporting easier, but also provides a reward for public reporting. It's an essential tool for us to reach our safety goals."

CHarlotte spain

Head of customer support

"The whole team is seeing the same information and there's a massive comfort in knowing that that information isn't lost."

Scale your operations efficiently with
task verification and auto-detection

See how Captur has helped on-demand operations teams
save time, reduce cost, and scale efficiently

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