Level-up your logistics
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Enterprises with modern logistics use Captur’s smart camera to analyse images, give live feedback, automate compliance, and ultimately improve user experience at scale.

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Real-time, rules based image verification your users will love, and team will thank you for

Productise AI faster
Launch production ready image recognition into your app within one sprint, without hiring ML engineers.
Low cost, low lift
Get the benefits of AI without the
 cost of managing infrastructure or manual data labelling.
Gamify the UX
Delight your users with a faster, interactive experience on any 
mobile device.
Improve your margins
Automate operations workflows as
 you scale without sacrificing quality, control, or user experience.

How Captur helps product, operations, and engineering teams

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For Engineering Teams
For Operations Teams
For Customer Support
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Your global partner in AI-powered operations


Successful deliveries

Make sure every package gets to the right address, but scanning the doorstep and verifying proof of delivery in real-time.

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Rider experience

Ensure each ride ends safely and automate parking compliance with real-time, detailed guidance based on the local regulations.

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Remote inspections

Replace manual forms and hours of work with completely remote, guided vehicle inspections anyone can do, on any phone.

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How Captur works

01 Connect data

Getting started is as easy as uploading images. Don’t have a large data set? No problem, there’s no minimum or data labelling required.

02 Customise rules

Pick a template set of rules for your use case, then drag and drop to customise based on your own policy and SLAs.

03 Check in real-time

All of your images will be automatically evaluated by our AI models within seconds. Your team can easily view and audit the results.

Easy to integrate within 30 minutes

Scale without sacrificing quality, margins, or customer experience

of manual photo reviews completely automated
1-2 seconds
average response time
 to end-users
reduced failure rates
and leakage
Automate compliance
Drive engagement
Grow margins

Zapp scales a global fleet with Captur

When time is money, creating a scalable process is key for rapidly-growing industries like last mile. For already busy fleet managers, creating an easy, automated process, is a priority for quickly scaling businesses

escooter parking

AI-Guided Parking: The Key to Safer Free-Floating Cities

Atom and Captur are helping smaller cities across Europe launch mircomobility rental schemes without having to pay for expensive infrastructure changes (mandatory parking zones), adopting a free-floating setup. With Atom's suit of micromobility technology and Captur's AI-guided parking solutions, operators like Hoog are able to scale with ease while reducing 80-90% of their time reviewing parking images.

bad escooter parking

How AI is riding to the rescue to keep streets safe in a changing world

Captur and Unitary are joining forces to make micromobility work for everyone by giving suppliers, customers and local authorities the AI tools they need to keep streets safe and uncluttered.

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