4 Ways AI is Optimizing Last Mile Delivery Sustainability Efforts

By integrating AI technologies into last-mile delivery operations, companies can not only improve efficiency and reduce costs but also contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly delivery ecosystem.

Four Advantages of using AI in Last Mile Delivery

According to Gartner, supply chain firms are expected to witness a two-fold increase in machine automation within the next five years. AI in logistics is therefore no longer just a luxury but a necessity for boosting management capabilities and streamlining operations in enterprises and startups alike. By integrating AI at different stages of logistics operations, companies can significantly lower costs while increasing productivity, minimizing human errors, and enhancing customer satisfaction.

5 questions your Infosec team may have about image processing

In the realm of data security, the integration of image processing technologies presents both opportunities and challenges. As businesses increasingly leverage visual artifical intelligence (AI) like Captur to enhance operations, teams encounter critical questions regarding compliance, data privacy, and risk management.


How Captur is improving visibility between cities and micromobility operators

Captur improves visibility between cities and micromobility operators by offering real-time feedback on parking compliance through AI-guided end-of-ride photo analysis, enhancing operator-city relations and promoting responsible parking behavior.