Train and guide your users in real-time

Captur is the end-to-end platform that allows users to capture photos and videos easily and operations teams to triage instantly.

Our software acts as the ultimate AI teammate, making companies more efficient and customers happier.

Award-winning customer experience teams love Captur

Scale your operations auto-magically✨

Reduce tickets, response times, and manual work by turning Captur into your ultimate AI teammate.

improved efficiency
better experience
second response time
reduced support tickets

What does Captur do?

User guidance

Our SDK sits in-app to guide users to take better images with real-time feedback.

Augmented workflows

Visual AI 'reads' the content and context of images and escalates only high priority reviews to your team.

Reliable decisions

Captur continually learns from your team's feedback, so you can confidently automate end-user actions in under 3 seconds.

One source of truth for all your data

Tackle process overload and seamlessly integrate our flexible web app and APIs into your existing workflows.

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Mobile App
With APIs and mobile SDKs
BI tools
With analytics APIs
With web forms and SDKs
Any other software
Such as Slack and CRMs

Built for scaling teams across sectors

Fleet inspections. Compliance checks. Quality assurance. Whatever you need to assess, Captur delivers reliable decisions that are purpose-built for fast-growing teams across a broad range of sectors.

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Scale profitably, safely and sustainably

Teams use Captur to reduce the cost of compliance, customer support, and claims.

Boost efficiency

Increase your teams capacity by at least 150%.

Drive revenue

Deliver a better customer experience with 100x faster response time.

Prove compliance

Make it easier to manage compliance with shareable reporting.

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Frequently asked questions

How does Captur plug into our operations?

In a word, easily. We can integrate Captur with just a few lines of code via our API or by embedding a web snippet on your website. And we’ll soon be making it even easier to work with your mobile app by launching iOS and Android SDKs. Once onboard, your teams can unlock the power of visual AI  detection straight from your product or detection link. And what's more, webhooks allow instant data transfer between our system and yours in milliseconds. For more info, head to our product page.

What is ‘visual AI’ and how does it actually work?

We’re glad you asked! Visual AI is another way to describe machine learning applied to image data. Check out our three part series to learn more about what machine learning is and what it can do.

How do we know how accurate the decisions are?

When you get started with Captur,  we begin by running a test on a sample of your images. This gives you a clear picture of expected accuracy and how this will improve over time as our AI tunes further into your data. Your team can also oversee decisions in real time using our dashboard. For enterprise clients, we offer additional features such as agent feedback on Captur decisions and accuracy guarantees.

What countries do you cover?

We currently operate in 12 countries and are expanding our footprint every month as our clients grow. Once we start working with your team, we can usually roll out to a new country within just a few weeks. Global enterprise clients have additional features to manage their teams and view analytics in one central place.

What industries do you work with?

A lot! We work with companies that use images as a core part of their workflow – whether they need to prove compliance, provide cost estimates, or track quality assurance. Examples include shared transportation, last mile logistics, car sharing and leasing, and ecommerce. Check out how some of our customers use Captur and reach out to our team to discuss how it can work for your business.

How much does Captur cost?

We offer flexible pricing plans that operate on a pay-as-you-go basis and fit companies of all sizes – from startups to enterprise. Book a demo with our sales team to discover what Captur can do and explore our different pricing options.