Your one-stop tool for smart visual detection

Captur opens up an array of powerful features in one easy-to-use platform. With super advanced tech to make your operations sing.

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Advanced AI detection

Captur puts the latest visual AI right at the heart of your operations, in a way that works for your business. Unlock flexible visual detection that can analyse anything from vehicles to packages in seconds.

Instant decisions, no manual intervention
Image quality detection
Asset and workflow specific detections
Seamless in-app or website integrations

Ready-to-go workflows

Captur plugs into your systems fast. Our ready-made templates allow you to build smart workflows that meet your needs, with easy step-by-step guides that help you optimise the quality of your image data.

Template workflows
Step-by-step guidance
Easily embedded with links and APIs
Global scale, local configurations

Real-time analytics

Open up the power of your visual data. Captur's real-time analytics put mission-critical insights at your fingertips, with fully shareable compliance reporting and the ability to flex to local regulations.

Admin dashboards
Monitor decisions & actions taken
View complete history and audit log
Easily share or download reports

Automate your workflows

Report issues
Track damage
Track assets
Estimate costs
Verify condition
Prove compliance

Go deeper with Captur for Enterprise


Get enhanced authentication, data encryption and privacy verification. All GDPR compliant.


Make the most of our expertise with shared Slack channels, dedicated support and personalised video training.


Be scale-ready with multiple permission levels and workspaces, centralised user management and custom locations.

How can Captur transform your team?

Customer Success

Raise tickets and communicate with customers automatically.

Operations & Support

No more manual spreadsheet updates, image checks or routine emails.

Tech & Product

Focus on your core business and let our industry-leading team do the hard yards.

Easy integrations

Captur slots right into your workflow with thoughtful, time-saving platform integrations that work like a dream.

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